Zipspots was spun off in 2001 from a Travel Radio Network which specializes in travel promotions on radio and television. By 2002 Zipspots had set up shop in Montreal and later in Niagara Falls. Zipspots is owned by 30-year veteran broadcaster, Stan Campbell & Spanish Voice Talent, Tuchi Ramirez.

The goal of Zipspots is to provide rapid-response voiceovers and audio production, while maintaining direct communication with the end-client. Our clients are most often, ad agencies as well as direct from retails stores, hospitals, clinic, heavy industrial, tourism, the entertainment industry, auto dealerships, etc. We are not an assembly-line voice service. That works for some clients. We prefer to grow a one-on-one long-term client/provider relationship.

Every day we learn something new. When we stop learning...we stop!

In our three ZIPSPOTS Studios, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and applications. The microphone is the most important element in the equipment and software chain. For most voiceovers, we use an Audio-Technica AT4047 mic or an EV RE-20 when applicable. We also have Sennheiser and Shure mics. For voicework, the AT4047 is connected to one of the best mic preamps, The Focusrite ISA One. If required, further audio processing is achieved with a Symetrix 528E. Audio is recorded and reproduced with one of the best professional sound interfaces in the industry, the MOTU Audio Express.

For production, playback and distribution, audio is mixed with the 16 Channel Allen & Heath MixWizard 16:2. Sound is monitored with Tannoy Reveal Active Nearfield monitors. We record and mix on-screen with the latest Adobe Audition CS6. We have worked with Pro-Tools which is the standard for music production, but for radio and voice recording and editing CS6 works best. In the end, audio quality is of the same quality with either. (Don't let any recording snobs tell you different!)

Once a session is recorded and mixed, WAV or AIFF files can be converted to MP3 files at a CBR of 320 kBit/s at 44,100 hz stereo. We can provide most other formats and bitrates upon request.